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Family Law

We as Nabi Buksh Law Concern deals all kinds of family cases which are filed in the family courts in original jurisdiction, its appeal and constitution Petitions in the High Court against the impugned order or judgment. As we are in a multinational country therefore we cover all laws of Family of Muslims, Christian, Hindus, Parsi and other religion law about their marriage, Divorce, child custody and inheritance matter etc. Difference kind of agreements, settlements, child issues, property matter and legitimacy matters. We cover these matters:-

We as Nabi Buksh Law Concern usually deal in following Family Court Cases

1- Christian judicial separation and Divorce

2- Inheritance share in the property

3- Maintenance of wife and children

4- Child Marriage Restriction Laws

5- International Law of Marriage

6- Hindu Marriage and Separation

7- Muslim Marriage and Divorce

8- Recovery of Dower Amount

9- Court Marriage of all religions

10- Recovery of Dowry Articles

11- Appointment of Guardianship of minor property

12- Dissolution of Marriage

13- Letter of Administration

14- Succession Certificate

15- Jactitation of Marriage

16- Hindu widows Rights

17- Will and Probate

18- Child Adoption

19- Guardianship

20- Alimony

21- Khula Regarding Muslim Marriage

22- Child Custody

23- Conjugal Rights

24- Miscellaneous Applications

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