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Civil Law

Nabi Buksh Law Concern provides comprehensive legal services in the civil court cases and matters which are relating to the individuals and companies. Court cases that involve disputes between people or businesses over money or some injury to personal rights are called civil cases. A civil case usually begins when one person or business (called the "plaintiff") claims to have been harmed by the actions of another person or business (called the "defendant")We as Nabi Buksh Law Concern usually deal in following Civil Court Cases

1-Correction of the Name and Date of Birth

2-Permanent/Temporary/Perpetual Injunctions.

3-Declaration of Title & other documents.

4-Restoration of amenity facility of the Tenant.

5-Succession and Letter of Administration.

6-Specific performances of lawful agreements.

7-Suit for Possession and Manse Profits.

8-Recovery of Money and Damages.

9-Cancellation of any Document.

10-Wills and probate declarations.

11-Restoration of the service/job.

12-All kinds of Writ petitions.

13-Enhancement of the Rent.

14-Miscellaneous Rent cases.

15-Eviction of the Tenants.

16-Constitution Petitions.

17-Appeals and Revisions.

18-Administration suits.

19-Defamations Suits.

20-Partition suit.

21-Writ Petition in High Court

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